ZS strives to be a good corporate citizen by fulfilling our responsibilities to employees, the industry and the community.


We are committed to:

Provided Leadership

The ultimate responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility shall rest with our leadership.  We shall assign clear responsibilities, resources and leadership roles for addressing CSR, and we promote CSR within our spheres of influence.

Integrating CSR into our organisation strategy and operations

CSR shall form part of the guiding principles by which, we conduct our business.  We shall implement policies and programmes relevant to our workplace, marketplace and community, having regards to relevant business considerations.

We aspire to:

Engage with our stakeholders

Stakeholders play a fundamental role in our success.  We strive to engage our stakeholders in the workplace, marketplace, supply chain and community in matters relating to social responsibilities.

Communicate CSR

Transparency and accountability in respect to CSR are fundamental to our internal and external stakeholders.  We strive to communicate to our stakeholders in a manner both relevant and appropriate to our business.


ZS endeavours to uphold the above CSR values by proactively fulfilling our responsibilities to employees, the industry and the community.


Our well-being as a business is the foundation upon which all other responsibilities rest on.  Being financially sound and profitable will enable us to contribute to stakeholders, employees and the community.

Law abiding

The laws keep our society together and functioning by setting out what behaviours are acceptable.  In conducting our business, we will play by the rules of the game and obey the law.  We will never cut corners or engage in any illegal practices.

Responsible to our employees

Employees offer valuable knowledge that enables our business to operate and to become successful.  In return, we will provide them with a fair, open and equal working environment.  We will also promote quality of life at work.

Responsible to the community

Establishing a presence in the community makes our business purposeful.  We reckon this as the right way to enhance our business reputation, build customer loyalty and be recognised as an employer of choice.  We will contribute to the community through philanthropy and volunteerism.


Ethical behaviour involves using an overall set of corporate values to govern actions and decisions that come up in business.  Using morality to make corporate decisions is part of the corporate culture, and is seen as a social responsibility.  In making business decisions, we will only do with justice and fairness. We will also ensure our employees understand the corporate values and make clear the behaviour that the company seeks from them.