ZS Club, 3/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace

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Situated in the latest food hub on 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, a new Japanese grill restaurant Yakimon, adds to the table a fresh-new take on Japanese cuisine, featuring a vast array of scrumptious skewers, grill selections and Japanese favourites.

Taking inspiration from the Yakitori culture in ancient Japan, Yakimon’s story revolves around an iconic legendary huntress who embodies the skilfulness of archery culture together with the gracefulness of martial arts, kendo. The interior of the restaurant represents a Budokan, a sacred studio for training Japanese martial arts and a cosy place for food and gathering.

Comfortably seats 60 guests, Yakimon boasts a tastefully decorated and modern dining room with patterns of arrows and archery targets that echo with its unique story. The restaurant hosts an elegant private dining room, perfect for parties or business gatherings of 8; its sleek bar provides an exceptional dining experience where guests can view and enjoy the making of their ordered dishes in real time. Some of the most sought-after sakes from Japan alongside with exquisite wines are on offer, guarantee a night of enjoyment and relaxation.