Lee Ho Sing

HK Street Food

G/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace

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Inspired by Hong Kong’s unique cosmopolitan culture and the HK spirit of being “Smart”, the direct translation of “Sing”, Lee Ho Sing represents this distinctive culture that defines Hong Kong. Exploring the unique blend of “East meets West”. Embodying the “smart” motto that Hong Kongers live by, efficient, premium quality, delectable and well made. The modern take away and snacks eatery offers an exciting range of nostalgic HK street food, reinvented. Take your palate on an adventure with our extensive menu items that represent both elements of Cantonese traditions juxtaposed with multicultural Hong Kong and international-inspired tastes. Using the best ingredients and timeless culinary techniques, these newly revamped Hong Kong street dishes will be sure to deliver the most authentic and finest yet adventurous dining experience. All menu items are at very reasonable prices with quality ingredients used. To satisfy all bellies and stomachs, offering a quick inexpensive lunch or meal in Central.