Sakana No Aji


ZS Club, 2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace

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As the latest addition to ZS Hospitality Group, Sakana No Aji is also situated in the popular food hub on 8 Lyndhurst Terrace. This exquisite sushi and sashimi restaurant orchestrates the finest in-season ingredients from Japan with skilful culinary techniques, the purity and freshness of Japanese flavours are embraced masterfully in its delightful menus.

As you walk into the restaurant, a sense of tranquility was exuded amidst the peaceful bamboo grove, showcasing a soothing ambience for a divine dining experience.  Since fish is the key element in Sakana No Aji, natural elements and fish-inspired furniture are playfully integrated into the setting. The mirror wall gives a gradient colour that elegantly fades from emerald to turquoise, as if diners are walking from the lush bamboo grove to swimming in the calm ocean. Together with the curved wooden beams up in the ceiling, a great textured look and a pleasantly warm atmosphere are presented.

The 60-seat Sakana No Aji also features some of the most favourite sake and whiskey from Japan. The sleek bar area allows guests to enjoy a sip of drinks before a delectable meal, while the sushi bar area provides a unique dining experience for guests to view the making of their ordered dishes. The restaurant hosts a private dining room, perfect for private or business gatherings for 8 guests.