About ZS Hospitality GROUP

In awe of the Kitchen God, we are committed to culinary excellence, complemented by the most pleasant and fulfilling dining experience.
ZS stands for “Zao Shen”, a legendary figure in Chinese folklore and F&B culture.

“Zao Shen” is Kitchen God in Chinese. According to legend, “Zao Shen” is also one of the household gods, responsible for monitoring the virtue and behaviour of each family, bringing warmth, health, prosperity and happiness to mankind.

“Zao” means “stove”. Named after the Kitchen God, we strive to do our best in pursuing fine food and impeccable service. Believing that good food is truly a blessing, we hope to bring a superb dining experience to each of our customers.

As the Chinese say, cherish your food humbly and thankfully. We promise to do the best we could to promote sustainability and we grow and develop with the community. Through meaningful partnerships with other institutions and non-profit making organisations, plus leveraging on all appropriate resources, network and social media platform, we hope to encourage our business partners and customers to step up in protecting the earth and to join our hands inshaping a better living world.

Established in 2014, ZS Hospitality Group currently owns 5 restaurants, namely “Home” (vegetarian), “Moi Moi” (Vietnamese), “My Tai Tai” (Thai), “Mamasita’s Cantina” (Mexican and Cuban), and “Lee Lo Mei” (Contemporary Cantonese). With the exception of “Home” and “Moi Moi” which are located in NEXXUS Building in Central, the other 3 restaurants are located at ZS Club (8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong).

Corporate Social Responsibility of “ZS Hospitality Group”

Aside from providing impeccable food to its diners, ZS Hospitality Group also aims at promoting corporate social responsibility.

Hence, ZS Hospitality Group promotes environmental protection and green works, and has set up one restaurant for this end and for vegetarians.

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ZS Hospitality Group is building a team of caring and talented people to delight you and go above and beyond your expectation.

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