About ZS Hospitality GROUP

ZS Hospitality Group is committed to bringing innovative and original concepts to Hong Kong’s ever-growing dining scene, serving the finest quality food and delivering a fulfilling experience to every guest. The Group currently operates Hansik Goo (Modern Korean), Ying Jee Club (Exquisite Cantonese), Whey (Modern European with Singaporean Influences), Miss Lee (Creative Chinese Vegetarian), Testina (Refined Trattoria) and Plaa (Contemporary Thai-Seafood).

ZS stands for “Zao Shen”, the Kitchen God in Chinese Folklore. According to legend, “Zao Shen” is also one of the household gods, responsible for monitoring the virtue and behaviour of each family, bringing warmth, health, prosperity and happiness to mankind. Named after the Kitchen God, we strive to do our best in pursuing fine food and impeccable service. Believing that good food is truly a blessing, we hope to bring a memorable dining experience to every customer.

Corporate Social Responsibility of “ZS Hospitality Group”

Aside from providing impeccable food to its diners, ZS Hospitality Group also aims at promoting corporate social responsibility.

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